Brigitte Hamm leads four guided meditations which inspired Patrick Bernard to enhance their harmony with the unique sounds of his music. His sacred songs unite and strengthen the energy of these meditations and are balm for the troubled soul.

This CD consists of  the following four  meditations:

Vibration of the sounds
The resounding meditation carries you to a state of complete relaxation and opens your soul to the sounds’ vibrations and to inner harmony.

Acknowledgement of Father and Mother
You will receive guidance to acknowledge Father and Mother or another person. These persons have fulfilled their task and made you an independent human being. It is not a necessary prerequisite to like them but instead to accept that in their lives they acted according to their own judgement and with compassion.

Peace within and without
Peace has its origin in your own heart. When we learn to take on responsibility for our own inner peace, we begin to understand that we alone are the makers of our thoughts and feelings. Let us live in peace! By awakening our consciousness and through regular meditation we can experience love and harmony. When everything is transformed into peace, this will also manifest itself in the whole world.

In touch with Mother Earth
In the meditation for Mother Earth we unite to heal the earth and nature as well as for our own inner strength and energy.


Lengths of meditations




1. Vibration of the sounds 

13:00 min.

2. Recognition of Father and Mother 

15:10 min.

3. Peace within and without

23:30 min.

4. In touch with Mother Earth

17:36 min.



Total time 

69:16  min.

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Open your heart to true peace of mind and soul.


Winner of numerous awards and Gold Records, Patrick was the first Canadian artist on the Bill Board New Age Chart, and still is a best-seller in his category.
“An artist of his calibre comes along only once in a great while”.

Patrick was initiated by Swami Prabhubada into the art of Mantra-Yoga or chanting of the Wholy Sound Vibrations and became one of the most successful in his category.

With his professional analogue reel-to-reel recordings (at high speeds), he is able to retrieve the dynamic quality of his music and creates a sound which is similar to high vibrations of the original tones.

When all the people of the earth join together in meditation for peace and healing
the energy of their very thoughts has an impact on the whole world.